David Skull

The #TitusOneFive Statement


John Benton

1. The visible church: The community the gospel makes
Jim Sayers

2. Conversion: The radical work only God can do
Adam Laughton

3. Baptism: The first sign of community membership
David Skull

4. Membership: Commitment that holds a church together
Jonathan Stobbs

5. The Lord’s Supper: The clearest expression of communion
Matthew Benton

6. Discipleship: The formative instruction of all members
Andrew King

7. Discipline: The corrective action when members stray
Nigel Graham

8. Independency: The local basis for making decisions together
Mike Gilbart-Smith

9. Leadership: The local people given to teach and guide
Brad Franklin

10. Gospel unity: The blessings of inter-church fellowship
Paul Spear

Andrew King

Appendix: Covenant of Membership,
Grace Baptist Church, Southport

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