Our vision, which we believe is a New Testament vision, is that the whole way a church should be formed, run and led should work for the health of all its members and for the thriving of the church as a community of God’s people. It is a church with an intentional mindset throughout. A church where all the dots are joined-up.

The church of Christ will be completely pure only in the New Creation. But local churches are to be a colony of that ‘Pure Church’ now, here on earth. #TitusOneFive is a call to work towards that purity, to set the church in order. We hope the Pure Church book will be a catalyst for others to join us in praying, thinking, writing, discussing and then applying this in our local churches.

We are a network and a conversation, rather than an organisation or a structure.

We mainly come from Grace Baptist churches but we think this conversation has benefits for a much wider group of churches.
We want to encourage others to join the conversation.